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Orbit electromagnetism cannon this name look Gao greatly up, seem science fiction weapon similar, but in fact its work principle is very simple, a kind of advanced kinetic energy that makes use of an electromagnetism blast-off technique to make into to kill to harm weapon.Is different the explosive gas pressure function at the bullet with traditional big gun, the electromagnetism cannon is the Luo Lun that makes use of the electromagnetism field creation in the electromagnetism system dint to carry on acceleration to metal shell, make it attain to fight target need of kinetic energy.The big gun pushing with traditional explosive is different, the electromagnetism cannon can consumedly raise the speed and artillery range of bullet.
Although the principle of electromagnetism cannon is simple, until now also have no a few nations can used for it is among the true war.This is mainly two causal restrictions, the first shortage that is a moment to give or get an electric shock quantity, great majority nation all can not at moment provide strong electric power to push the blast-off of bullet, so they can not be small scaled to turn the electromagnetism cannon, and install on the weapon platform;The second material that is the manufacturing electromagnetism shell pill doesn't go.
One of the characteristics of orbit electromagnetism cannon is high speed, in the bullet just drive at the time that blast-off went out, electromagnetism cannon's the tallest speed of the bullet could attain more than 10 Maches.The biggest enemy of bullet is an air resistance this time, the beginning of bullet starts speed more quick, it is subjected to of air resistance more big.Generally speaking, common electromagnetism shell pill while attaining 10 Mach high speeds, will produce huge friction with air, this kind of friction can let the bullet temperature quickly heat up, if the material could not reach the anti- heat requests of words, electromagnetism shell the pill will be in-flight be resolved by the heat, basically can not attackstone a target for distance.
Yang Qi while designing orbit electromagnetism cannon, early in consideration of these are two problems, and have already found out a perfect solution.First, the Yan flew on the dreamlike island to build the second super pit electricity station, give or get an electric shock with two super pits station for the orbit electromagnetism cannon provide moment electric power.Supply when two strong power super pit electricities stand under, can ensure a moment electricity the quantity attains the tallest blast-off standard of orbit electromagnetism cannon.
Secondly was the special material of the production electromagnetism shell pill, Yang Qi was lending support to science and technology of Zhi brain to push to play to carry on to in great quantities push to play in the system, at join the circumstance of money chemical element under, got various metal alloy formula of each kind.Among them, the anti- heat ability of some metal alloy formula significantly promotes, high the anti- heat ability of a kind of metal alloy metal have already come to a 50,000 degrees.This kind of metal not only ability anti- heat, and its strength and tenacity also come to an unimaginable situation.
Yang Qi made to used for the super bullet that the electromagnetism cannon shoots with this kind of metal alloy metal, dreamlike island for producing this kind of super bullet is also pay huge price, this makes its cost very high.However like not big in the physical volume of this kind of super bullet, only have the warhead size of common bullet, and they mainly used for super long-distance the electromagnetism cannon leaving attackstone, close quarter electromagnetism cannon attack use of the bullet Be just common material, so the Yan flies and then the dreamlike island can bear the depletion of this kind of super bullet.If used for the original material of super bullet the manufacturing of other normal regulations weapons, dreamlike island and Yan fly early bankrupt.
Fly not to account devoting major efforts of cost devotion in the Yan under, the dreamlike island just made the whole world leads most of orbit electromagnetism cannon defense technique.But this kind of orbit electromagnetism that is super long-distance to leave cannon defense ability, since tonight, will formally appear in front of people of this world, make a show of its prestige of He He.
Under the direct operation that Yan flies, the ascent way of a strange hillside in the dreamlike island suddenly spilts open, from the pitch dark entrance to cave in stretch out two huge orbits, inclined direction the sky.These two orbits are very long, if the length that calculates the up slope way inside, their length already more than 200 meters.On these two orbits, have some shape geezer the electric wire tie up to round in the top and have some another dollar with unidentified use parts ……
These two orbits drive electric current of, its top starts blue ray of light flicker.Arrived an end, the blue ray of light of the orbit bright degree attained a highest point, see a small super bullet is from the orbit most the bottom carry drive moment acceleration, then fly up the sky by the direction of 45 degrees Cape, just one Shan, disappear in the sky of top of head.
This bullet is the super bullet that the dreamlike orbit electromagnetism cannon in island shoots, stand in two super pit electricities of support with all strength under, they creation of moment electricity the quantity come to an an unimaginable situation, then grow in 200 meters of electromagnetism orbit up creation huge electromagnetism dint, these electromagnetism dint continuously accelerates for that super bullet and wait until it leaves disheveled hair projection of electromagnetism orbit go to of time, it of the beginning start speed and incredibly come to a terrible 80 Maches.The words that convert to in common use speed, be flies 27200 meters for a second, is also 272.
This speed has already come to an a mankind manufacturing to come out the highest point of object speed on the earth, at least before this, have no which object of the speed can attain this height.After getting into air, super bullet beginning and air member take place violent rub, this kind of rubs output heat to increase to 45,000 degrees a while, this terrible heat lets the super bullet become a body a while to flush.
However the original material that makes this kind of super bullet starts making effort, even if the heat of 45,000 degrees can not also melt super bullet, even its shapes have never taken place any variety, this makes its flight track very stable, didn't appear the circumstance for losing control.
This super bullet takes huge kinetic energy to fly up the sky, its beginning starts 80 Maches that the speed comes to an unprecedented in history, but in the air resistance of continuously under the function, the speed of the super bullet rapid Shuai reduces and arrived have already become 40 Maches afterwards.However even if is so, this super bullet also with lent a terrible beginning to start speed to fly into a space.In the space have no air, naturally also have no friction, so the super bullet remains the speed high speed of 40 Maches flight.
After it's too inflight to is 60, this super bullet re- gets into atmosphere under the function of the Earth gravitation, the facing is located in the destination of the Earth surface to fly.This super bullet did a perfect parabola to exercise, in enough short time in crossed over the faraway distance of 850 kilometers, appeared in the southwest waters of dreamlike island.
The super bullet after getting into the atmosphere re- feels huge air resistance, this makes the further Shuai of its speed reduce.However compare the Shuai deceleration of rising the stage degree, descend the Shuai deceleration of time degree slow a lot of.Wait until the super bullet flies to the distance 1,000 kilometers in the dreamlike island waters of time, its airspeed already only 5 Maches.
However in this time, the super bullet has already got into battlefield, because of in front of it having already seen invisible bomber of the b-2 of rice country ……
The attack method of orbit electromagnetism cannon is different from the guided missile, it is a movement track of parabola, once shooting to go out behind can not carry on any control to it any further.During this flight, the super bullet of electromagnetism cannon not only wants to experience the function of the Earth gravitation, but also needs to experience the influence of air resistance, wind velocity and direction, empty area temperature variety, degree of humidity and salt degree variety.
This process is very complicated, the attack of electromagnetism cannon is apart from more far, in the center of change to measure more many, the error margin is also more big.Even if the time in the beginning computed to like an attack direction, but waited until super bullet to arrive the time of destination, but will discover it has already deviated too many positions on the original foundation.
For example this super bullet, in the middle of lending support to the emulation of Zhi brain and computing, it should shoot an one among the bs now-2, but actually it is apart from b-2 now fully far more than 20 kilometers.So this super bullet has never obtained any achievement to disappear to disappear, the b-2 invisible bombardier pilot even didn't discover distance existence such a super bullet of.

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