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Lend support to a Zhi brain as long as input these datas to own database in, can build up an emulation system of integrity right away.Then lend support to the Zhi brain carries on re-count in this emulation system, although still can not ensure attackstoning of electromagnetism cannon 100 divide 100 accuracy of being accurate,can consumedly promoting to attackstones.
Just for an instant, the assistance Zhi brain inputs the data that the calculation come out to the electromagnetism cannon to control system and start carrying on to the blast-off data of electromagnetism cannon tiny adjust.See the electromagnetism orbit that 200 meters grow carry on slight ambulation and adjustment, then the blue light of electromagnetism orbit continuously gleam, numerous electromagnetism shell pill the disheveled hair projection go.Just very short time, have a great deal of electric power be consumed, even if have two super pits electricity the station prop up, also somes can not hold up and even let in the dreamlike island of used electricities to all appear a problem as usual.However this problem after the super bullet blast-off completed, have to arrive perfect solution.
Orbit electromagnetism cannon as if the machine gun is similar, project 10,000 super bullets in the horizon of facing distance, these super bullets are rubbed output calories by the air to burn is red, they become a continues red metal grain son to flow to cross the whole horizon in the horizon.
In the first-time test, the super bullet goes out to arrive 1,000 kilometers of battlefields from the blast-off, time of demand only has for 74 seconds.This second criticizes flight time of super bullet to equally only have 74 very short, however their amounts become more, the attack of overlay empty the area is larger.They are soaring into space first, then re- return atmosphere, arrive invisible bombardier of the rice country b-2 to fly circuit, from the sky but decline to carry on the wildest attack to them.
The Yan flew the second-time attack to shoot 10,000 super bullets, be want to make use of amount advantage to promote attack success rate, fight for not to leave to attackstone dead angle.While lending support to the precise control of Zhi brain, each b-2 faces more than 3,000s the attack of the super bullet, and their attack very suddenly, the speed is still very quick, so fly the huge kinetic energy that a most anterior b-2 has never responded to come over and then is shot at the same time by several hundreds of super bullets, takes in the super bullet brings destructive breakage to machine b-2 body, then soars to the skies this b-2 the dozen explode, even connect the airplane pilots of inside have never bailed out to flee for life of opportunity ……
After discovering own teammate being ruineding by the shot, rest two b-2s just discover not right.Just the physical volume of these super bullets is really too small, is as just about as the warhead of common bullet, the radar of b-2 basically didn't discover them, so be just made a surprise attack success by the super bullet, the shot ruined a b-2.
After discovering oneself is in peril, those two pilots of b-2s immediately break wireless silent, start mutual exchanges intelligence report.However the satellite network whole army of rice soldier replies to put out, they already can not the commanding center that the uncanny intelligence report that they meet send out at the back of the time, and acquire rear of of support.
These two b-2s quickly carry on an intelligence report communication, then from the discovering top of head sky a chain of red only order to twinkle.They really don't know this is the electromagnetism cannon shell, but don't hinder them to carry on fleeing for life.Sees these two b-2s start changing to fly a direction, will carry on avoiding being seen.
The strength of regrettable b-2 lies in a radar concealed body, not super strong flexibility, so even if they discovered to strike of super bullet, but with lend the flexibility of b-2 still can not stay away.Isn't only this, the assistance Zhi brain still once computed b-2 to allly avoid being seen route, so the attack direction of super bullet actually already their space all the lock die, ignore they fly to where, all hide however the destiny been attackstoned by the super bullet.
These two b-2s just change direction, haven't come yet and acceleration, be respectively shot by up to 100 super bullets, then soared to the skies an explosion, the airplane pilot of inside wanted bail out flee for life all too late.……
This is the orbit electromagnetism of the dreamlike island the cannon be unveiled in front of people of this world for the first time, regrettable but have no witness.If people know that the electromagnetism cannon beginning of dreamlike island starts to shoot speed to come to a 80 Maches, and ability the shot ruined a rice soldier outside 1,000 kilometers of three b-2 invisible bomber, they will definitely add to the dreamlike island admiration.Because there is this kind of super absolute being machine in the dreamlike island after, represent dreamlike island of of the sky can't exist any enemy any further.
The b-2 is invisible to bomb to install to have signal to receive a machine on board, once appearing breakdown, will be monitored by the rear right away.However after the rice country satellite network whole army replied to put out, the rice soldier actually has already could not monitored invisible bombardier of b-2 to fly a circumstance.
The rice country is placed in dead hour now, but in the neighborhood of dreamlike island waters but is a daytime, and the visibility is very high.In the space of dreamlike island top of head, often there were a few spy's satellites to once fly.These spy's satellites belong to several nations, under the warning that Yan fly, no one dare provide satellite intelligence report to the rice country.The orbit electromagnetism bombardment in dreamlike island ruins three b-2s invisible bombardier time, this condition at the right moment drive an among those spy's satellite of nations take.
Pass the analysis to this photograph, this nation really don't know how dreamlike island is the shot ruin of the b-2 of rice country, but know that the dreamlike island definitely has to discover b-2, and the shot ruin the secret weapon of b-2.However after understanding this intelligence report, they have no outward announcement, but blockade this intelligence report, then adjust a relationship with dreamlike island, determinedly not ability and dreamlike island are enemies.
But who also what to have never thought BE, this nation of key figures conceal an intelligence people of rice country, then this intelligence people got this only record b-2 is ruined by the shot of high pure photograph, and send back this high pure photograph rice country domestic.Then this photograph arrived the on the desk of rice country old president by quickest speed, let him knew already the bombers b-2s that the rice country is sent to a dreamlike island the whole army reply to put out ……
After losing a satellite network, the rice the people has already descended to to oneself's troops' control dint a little bit lowest, especially those troops who keep off rice foundation of a nation soil is also the controls dint that loses great majority.For example these three b-2 invisible bomber, they take off the contact that has already lost to direct with rear after, they can according to getting of the task of plan completion they.In the middle of carrying out planned process once appearing a surprised circumstance, will appear front contact not to ascend rear, the rear contact doesn't come forward a square, don't know should how the circumstance for replying.
These three b-2 invisible bomber until drive dreamlike orbit electromagnetism cannon in island all shots ruin, they didn't also have connection up the commanding center of rear and had already said nothing of to send back rear to the pass important intelligence report this.The and then square commanding center doesn't know their pathetic situations, still just in hopes of these three b-2s after canning complete smoothly the task return a sail.
After receiving the high pure satellite picture that oneself's intelligence people sends back, the rice army just discovers invisible bomber of his/her owns b-2 hasing already been ruineds by the shot, while they are ruined by the shot of the location is being apart from 987 kilometers of dreamlike island waters.
Looking at screen up enlarge of take place to explode in the high pure satellite picture of b-2 invisible bomber, rice country old president for some appearances for daring not believing, he says:"That mysterious airplane in dreamlike island before and still just rice foundation of a nation soil, it isn't likely to be so returning to southwest 1,000 kilometers in the waterses of dreamlike islands in short time.Is also say, our b-2s aren't that mysterious airplane shot to ruin.So are they exactly how to is disheveled hair nows?BE use what way shot down?The dreamlike island still has what we don't know of conceal strength?"
Since the Yan flew to declare that dreamlike island and rice country formally got into war status, the dreamlike island continuously makes a show of all new ability, time and time again of broke off the trump card that the rice country take it as an honour most , let a rice country the loss is miserably heavy.Rice country the strong force of hat unique world once was like the toy of child in the dreamlike island in front, defenseless.

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