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Because the defense secretary starts speaking, the high pure picture on the screen is enlarged extreme limit, then the whole picture becomes unclear.However after carrying on the picture to build up technique processing, this picture re- becomes clear.Hence everyone in the sky sees a big slice of a big slice of of red small light order, just those red small light order of ambulation speed really too quick, the satellite can not also grasp they completely clap, so only having is a misty shape, see not pure they exactly is what things ……
The defense secretary explains a way:"According to our technical personnel analytical, this kind of red is small only order the bullet that should be 1 kind to take to have huge kinetic energy, their overlay area very wide, will we three b-2 the invisible bomber completely cover with at in.The speed of these bullets comes to a 5 Maches at least, but their physical volumes are very small, only have the warhead size of common bullet, our b-2s invisible bomber be drive this kind of physical volume the small bullet shot ruin."
The chief of staff joint meeting chairman of flank says:"Seeing from the huge kinetic energy that this kind of bullet took, they should be the electromagnetism cannon that shoots to go out shell."
The defense secretary says:"According to the intelligence report that we get, in this waters have no the existence of ships and submarine, also have no the fighter jet existence of other nation, and it is apart from a dreamlike island to fully have far 1,000 kilometerses.Do you feel that the electromagnetism cannon shell of dreamlike island can shoot to 1,000 kilometers outside?Return ability does the shot ruin our b-2s invisible bomber?"
The chief of staff joint meeting chairman says:"Although I also feel unimaginable, but affair very may be so, because the our b-2s invisible bomber is shotted down by these small bullets.The dreamlike island has already made a show of their strong science and technology development ability, if they really make to shot down us outside 1,000 kilometers the orbit electromagnetism of the invisible airplane cannon, I also feel to isn't impossible."
Saying of the disaffection of defense secretary:"We are discussing this rights of the case, not at compare a whose brain to open widely larger.If the dreamlike island really has you science and technology for saying and so have no who can close to a dreamlike island.We the rice country is also basic need not beat and directly surrendered toward the dreamlike island not is come generous."
The rice country's old president suddenly shouts at top of voice:"Is enough!The big enemy is current now, you don't think way to reply well and incredibly quarrel here, quarrel can make you think solution?"
Big boss one openings, defense secretary and chief of staff joint meeting the chairman immediately shut up and no longer talk ……
The rice country's old president sees his/her own staffs all some upset, sneer at a way towards less and less requiting a hope with the war of dreamlike island, he suddenly:"We the rice country have been outward displaying of is all normal regulations weapon, isn't the rascal nation of our opponent on the normal regulations weapon the meeting threaten us with nuclear weapon machine.For long time, all nations feel that nuclear weapon machine can threaten our rice country, but they in fact forgot a count for much affair in the world, that is our rice country be check the nation of the strongest strength in the world, we just don't use nuclear weapon machine to threaten an another nation.We not only own secondary nuclear weapon database of the amount of worlds, the best but also have the inter-continental guided missile of the amount of the whole worlds, want ~only we use nuclear weapon machine, can annihilate in the world the whichever nation for an instant."
The bellicose Secretary of State excitedly says right away:"Mr. president, did you finally decide to use nuclear weapon machine to the dreamlike island?"
The rice country's old president says:"Is quite good, Yan's flying the loss that results in to our rice country has been enough big, if we don't obstruct him again, we the rice congress suffer more loss.So I decide to immediately use nuclear weapon machine and demolish the dreamlike island is thoroughly."
The chief of staff joint meeting chairman is a truely wise and farsighted soldier, being different from these two fanatical war members will check war to think so and in brief, he saying of some misgivings:"We lost a satellite network and how ensured that our nuclear weapon machines can throw in dreamlike head in the island?"
The rice country's old president says:"We nuclear weapon machine power is huge, a the ability carry on big scope to kill wound to the large district, so we don't need the top of head that nuclear weapon machine is accurate to throw a dreamlike island, we as long as nuclear weapon machine facing the dreamlike island direction throw, with lend big area to kill to harm dint and then can hurt a dreamlike island.If one could not reach a target, throw 100, 1,000, always having 1 will shoot a dreamlike island.As long as there being one shooting a target, can destroy a dreamlike island thoroughly."
The chief of staff joint meeting chairman says:"Mr. president, if we carry the inter-continental guided missile of nuclear weapon machine to attackstone a dreamlike island from the rice foundation of a nation soil blast-off, the very possible guided missile finally will deviate thousand kilometers far, the insularity beside the dreamlike island may be harmed by our nuclear weapon machine mistakes very much."
The rice country's old president says:"If the words of nuclear weapon machine mistake shot insularity, we give them way Qian be.We wasn't to have never made nuclear explosion in the insularity again several decades ago, do they not just bend the head an ear to us up to now?"
The chief of staff joint meeting chairman says:"The most decisive 1:00 BE, how do we ensure that the dreamlike island can't shoot nuclear weapon machine to carry on backstroke to our rice country?Once the dreamlike island launches nuclear weapon machine backstroke, we rice country will and the dreamlike island perish together."
The Secretary of State says:"I before once said, dreamlike island didn't make a nuclear weapon machine, and China also didn't deploy nuclear weapon machine in the dreamlike island.So we can attackstone a dreamlike island with nuclear weapon machine, but dreamlike island not the ability carry on nuclear weapon machine attack to our rice country.You this is worried that the root is superfluous ……"
The rice country's old president seems standpoint of supporting the Secretary of State really, he nods a way:"As long as we destroyed a dreamlike island, so they that mysterious airplane lost a replenishment base, it wills become more and more weak in the continuous war, finally be captured by us and pass it to acquire super science and technology of dreamlike island."
The chief of staff joint meeting chairman says:"Even if can really demolish a dreamlike island, but don't know and set off how much nuclear weapon machine, so whole northern Pacific Ocean will be checked a radiation pollution, whole northern Pacific Ocean basically can not live a person, and along with time of change, these check pollution to finally also appear in our west coast of rice country and influence our rice country oneself safety."
The rice country's old president says chillily:"If don't start out nuclear weapon machine, we the rice country will definitely fail under the attack of mysterious airplane in the dreamlike island.Perhaps whole nation also consequently takes place to split up, till that time, the rice national capital may not reply existence.What do I still want this world to do now that the rice national capital Be getting more nonexistent?"
Listenned to the in the mind words of rice country old president, all staffs were lost in thought in.If can not quickly defeat a dreamlike island, so the rice country really probably fails under the attack of dreamlike island, even if don't take place abruption in the inner part, will also drive in former days of the enemy fall the stone in well, till that time, the day of rice country will very sad.If really is that so words, what affair can't this world meeting be polluted by nuclear weapon machine and close them ……
The chief of staff joint meeting chairman knows that the country's old president of rice has already made a firm decision a pit to attackstone a dreamlike island, he a bit helpless, however he thinks for a while, still the station make at this officers and workers up put forward his/her own reasonable suggestion:"For the sake of prevention the dreamlike island carry on nuclear weapon machine attack to us, we use the last satellite blast-off center right away and send out the big equivalent nuclear weapon machine to the space in, then set off these nuclear weapon machines, destroy all satellites in the sky.By so doing, the satellite network of dreamlike island will be also destroyed, they will be placed in same level with our rice country on-line, their guided missile at the time of counter-attacking can not attackstone our rice foundation of a nation soil."

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