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After the recession, the housing market began to climb again and it didn't seem like it would ever stop. Thanks to low prices and interest rates, homes were in high demand, selling within a day of being on the market. A lot of the times, selling for more than asking price. Gone were the days that you could think about a house for a few days before making an offer. Buyers usually had to make a decision right away. And sellers were able to list their homes without really having to think of ways to increase home value first.
Fast-Forward to Present
Within the last year or so, the housing market in Utah has begun to cool. With a combination of high prices and interest rates, houses are no longer flying off the market. We're back to seeing homes on the market for days - or weeks - at a time. If you're worried about selling your home in a timely manner, you may be wondering what you can do to increase its value and attractiveness to buyers in Utah.
The Secret Weapon
There are plenty of things homebuyers do to upgrade their homes when they're getting ready to sell. Many don't require a huge investment. But with everyone doing the same thing, how can you make your home stand out and increase home value?
Our answer: shutters. Shutters are said to be furniture for your windows. And as far as window furniture goes, we have the cadillac of the bunch.
Plantation shutters take your home from nice to magazine-worthy. When a buyer sees shutters in a home, they automatically assume that a home is worth more because it has such a great investment built in. They know they won't have to worry about finding window treatments for a long time, because shutters are durable and timeless. When buyers are debating between your home and the one down the street, they have one more reason to choose yours.
Not only will your home be more attractive to buyers, but they give your home actual value on paper, too. You can increase home value up to 2% just by having custom shutters installed, which is enough to make the investment a no-brainer.
If you're looking for the best custom shutters in Utah, look no further. With years of experience and innovation, Clearview Shutters is ready to transform your home into a beautiful space you can enjoy for years to come. Here are the differences you can expect from Clearview:
High Quality Materials
We want the best for our customers, which is why we only use high quality materials. We offer durable wood customized for your specific project. Whether you want to paint or stain your shutters, we will come to your home to make sure the right materials are used so your shutters are perfectly matched to the specifications you desire.
Professional Installation
You won't have to worry about having to measure and install your own shutters when you order from Clearview Shutters. With such an expensive investment, you don't want to leave important aspects to the self-proclaimed handyman in your family. Leave the important stuff up to us and you'll never have to worry about the integrity of your installation or whether your new shutters will fit perfectly.
Quality Guarantee
Speaking of integrity, we want to make sure you're always happy with your custom shutters. If you experience an issue, you can call us at any time and we'll come out right away to make sure you are taken care of.
In addition to all the above, we're local to Utah, meaning that you can easily find and contact us at any time - no shadowy online presence to track down if you ever need customer service. Your satisfaction is important to us and, as a Utah company, we're here to serve you.
If you have children, you may be wondering what the best window treatments are for your home. Whether you're worried for your children's safety, or how your treatments will hold up in the long-run, it's a valid concern. Here are the top reasons why custom shutters are the best window treatments in Utah for families with small children.
Child safety and window treatments has always been a huge concern for many parents, with good reason. If you're worried about the safety of your children and your window treatments, custom shutters should be your first choice.
Of course, without any cords to pull, there are no safety hazards present when fitting your home with custom shutters. You can have complete peace of mind knowing that you don't have to buy special equipment just to keep dangerous cords out of the way.
We all want to make sure when we invest in window treatments that they'll last. That means holding up to regular use and occasional abuse from children. Flimsy blinds can easily lose their shape, requiring a complete replacement. Roman shades can become unraveled or ripped by curious little ones as well.
Solid wood is much more resilient to the antics of small children and in the case that a child ever did happen to break a piece of your shutter, we're able to replace any piece as soon as possible.
When it comes to small - and probably chocolate-stained hands - you'll find your custom wood shutters are easy to clean. Adequate spacing between the slats makes each nook easy to reach. And since our custom-made shutters without a tilt-rod, there are less obstacles to get in your way. Naturally stain-resistant and durable, you'll love how easy it is to keep your custom shutters clean.
These days, the Internet has made shopping for almost any product possible with the touch of a button. From electronics to clothing, and even groceries, most anything can be bought from anywhere at anytime. But it may not always be the right choice. We understand that buying online in a lot of cases is easier and cheaper than driving around to find what you need. But there are good reasons why you should never buy plantation shutters online.
Installation Process
Going the D.I.Y. route and deciding to buy plantation shutters online leaves a lot of room for error. If you're not an extremely handy person, you could end up with the wrong size, color, or type of shutters. Many online companies have a specific disclaimer that any wrong measurements made are at the fault of the consumer. Also, mistakes made during install are hard to reverse. When investing in custom shutters, the last thing you want is for them to be not absolutely perfect. By using a local company, you can avoid poorly made, poorly installed shutters.
From beginning to end, a local professional shutter company will make sure your shutters are exactly what you envisioned. Not only will you not have to depend on your own measuring method, but you won't have to worry about installing shutters by yourself either.
Mass production is what usually brings down the cost of online shutters, making them not-so-custom after all. Colors and stains cannot be matched perfectly and the quality is most likely not what you'd receive with a professional shutter company.
In the end, if you really want to improve your home's worth and have it looking its finest, your best option is to hire a local custom shutter company. A local Utah company like Clearview Shutters has your best interests at heart and will make sure your shutters exceed your expectations. Utilizing innovative design and extreme attention to detail, Clearview Shutters ensures durable, beautiful shutters made to last.

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