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Custom shutters have a benefit of increasing a home's value while also giving your home an elegant look. But if you're thinking of adding custom shutters to your home, there are some considerations to make before you take that initial leap. Our design experts are here to help you make the best decision for your situation, but in the meantime, there are some things you can consider before installing custom shutters. Here are a couple of items to think about before you schedule your free consultation.
Painted or Stained Custom Shutters
We want to make sure you're as satisfied with your custom shutters as possible, which is why we offer complete customization in either paint or stain. If you have stained wood trim in your home, we'll work tirelessly to make sure your new custom shutters match perfectly. If you'd rather have painted shutters, we'll choose the right wood for the job and match any existing baseboard or trim colors perfectly.
The Windows to Install Your Custom Shutters on First
We recommend having all your windows fitted for custom shutters installed at the same time. However, we understand that budgets sometimes prevent that from happening. If you're splitting up the installation of shutters in your home, you'll want to first choose the windows that have the most visibility. Consider which windows will be seen from the front of your home. You may want to start with installing shutters on all street-view windows. This gives your home a more uniform look and offers better curb appeal. Once inside the home, you can decide which windows will give your visitors the best impression.
Most people invest in custom shutters for two reasons: to update the look of their home and also to increase their home's value. But there are other benefits. When you're researching the cost of custom shutters, make sure you also consider these 3 ways you can expect a return on your investment.
1. Energy Savings
Whatever the weather, your shutters can reduce energy loss and keep your home's temperature moderated and your wallet happy. During the winter, thick wood shutters provide a barrier between the outside temperature and your home, so that you're not left with a chill. In the summer, your shutters also provide a way to block rays of sunlight, keeping the heat out. Custom shutters also protect your furniture and flooring from sun damage. This is a real concern for many people who invest a lot in their home interiors. Over time, sunlight can and will cause floors and furniture to fade. The better light-blocking capability you have, the better. The cost of custom shutters is a small price to pay when looking to block the sun's harmful rays.
2. Durability
In the long run, custom shutters will pay off simply from their durability, unlike their sub-quality counterparts. When you choose high-quality shutters with durable materials, your shutters will last longer than your basic home improvement store blinds. By investing in your home from the beginning, you will prevent having to spend time and money replacing sub-quality window treatments in the near-future.
3. Home Value
Of course, by investing in quality custom shutters, you're automatically raising the value of your home. Not only will your home be worth more on paper, but if you ever sell your home, it will be much more attractive to home buyers. It doesn't take much more than beautiful shutters to have a buyer choose your house over the next.
Sliding and french glass doors are common in most homes but usually come with a lack of privacy. If you're trying to find window treatment options for an exterior glass door in your home, you may think your only choices are curtains or - heaven forbid - vertical blinds. But have no fear, there are much more tasteful options to choose from. You can keep up with your modern and elegant decor by choosing customized shutters for French doors and sliding glass doors.
Shutters for Sliding Glass Doors
Many people are unaware that this option exists. So forget those outdated vertical blinds for your sliding glass door and opt for customized shutters instead. Just like your sliding glass door, they're set up on a track to easily slide open for easy entry or closed for complete privacy. You won't need to deal with curtains that are always in the way or unsightly vertical blinds.
Shutters for French doors
French doors are meant to be beautiful statements in a home. Covering them up with curtains or mini blinds for privacy would be a shame. Luckily, you can install custom shutters instead. This ensures that you still have elegant looking doors, with much more privacy.
Wood options for exterior door shutters
If you choose to have painted shutters for your exterior doors, our basswood shutters are the best option. You can choose from any color you desire to match with your current decor. If you would prefer to stain instead, we suggest using alder wood. We can match any stain you desire, including any current stained wood in your home. Alder wood offers beautiful grain and depth that is highly desired in home design.
One of the last things a person may consider when choosing custom wood shutters is what material they should be made of. But it matters. Whether you want to paint or stain—it all makes a difference when choosing the perfect custom shutters for your home. We have considered all the options to provide you with the two best materials available. Read on to see the two wood types Clearview Shutters offers and why one of these options would be the best choice.
If you've decided on painted wood shutters, basswood is going to be the best choice for you. Basswood is a fine-grained, lightweight wood that will provide years of elegance and durability. Basswood can be painted to match any color in your home and is the best option when choosing to paint rather than stain.
Knotty alder is one of the most popular wood choices when it comes to home design. It adds a layer of depth and unique characteristics that many homeowners desire. It is also the perfect wood to stain to your preference. We can come evaluate any existing stained wood in your home to make sure your new alder wood shutters will match perfectly.
Why choose custom wood shutters over man-made materials?
We offer wood shutters for a few reasons: they're durable, they're elegant and they have a better return on investment than man-made varieties. We care about what we put in our customers' homes and are proud to offer supreme craftsmanship along with high-quality options. Buying the old victorian with the unique windows may have seemed like a good idea at the time. But now that you need window treatments, you're probably wondering what you were thinking. Not every window is equal, and hat can be cause of a lot of headache when trying to find a solution for window treatments. Curtains are usually the first solution that comes to mind. But the shape of curtains can work against the design of a uniquely-shaped window. Luckily, specialty shutters is a great solution for this common issue.
Read on to see why specialty shutters are the best option for your uniquely-shaped windows.
Options for oval and circle windows
Oval and circle windows are perfect candidates for custom shutters. A special type of shutter, called a sunburst shutter can fit these window shapes, giving you privacy and an elegant look that will increase your home's value.
Specialty shutters for arched windows
For a window with an arch top, there's not really a way to make semi-custom shades work. And curtains would most likely work against the design of the window.
Whether your window is one complete arch or has a small arch at the top of a square design, custom shutters will work best for either case.

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